Friday 3 October 2014

First time with J

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”

 F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

The first time I met J was still at college. I even forgot how and where we got to know each other online, then we decided to book a hotel to meet each other.

I still remembered how nervous and awkward right before we were about to meet each other in the hotel. I checked in the room that booked, and we agreed that we would share the room fee, and I was sitting in bed, TV open, chewing my excitement, thrills, curiosity, anxiety altogether. Then his texted came through, just parked his car in the hotel, so I sent the direction to the room to spare him from guilty conversation with the receptionist, then waiting.

Steps were closer and closer, it was time to get out of bed to walk to the door. Then, hard, rapid knock on the door, like a 30 year old male's knock: has the confidence to make a solid sound but still not maturity enough to fully appreciate composure.  I vaguely recalled that my first impression was ' damn, the guy has power, physically'.

So I opened the door, J rushed straight in without me even had the time to extend my hand to greet him, he just wanted to in and avoiding to be seen by others, although it was an empty hallway.

J carried a big gym bag, and in his trainers and sports coats, looked like a typical English chap worked in construction work just finished work, with a cap on head, but the difference was: He did not have the normal paint or work stains on this bags or clothes that like many other construction workers had.

While he walked in, he started mumbling about the trouble about car parking and how difficult to find the room, without even gave me any chance to say hi. It did not take a 5 years old to know that he was nervous, but to me, the way he behaved from the way he walked in until he dropped bag and we finally reached the 'Hi' stage, was cute.  This was proved furthur that by 3 minutes in the room, before he even seated, he got some cash out from his bag and told me that it was his share of money for the room fee, later when I checked out the room, I found out that was the exact amount of his share, no more, no less.

So, J, cannot remember too much detailed now about our first meeting, but J was in his mid 20s, strong physical, muscular, great beard, dark just shaved stubble covered decent share of his face, big beautiful light grey eyes, friendly, caring, the most importantly and probably most attractively, throughout the night, he demonstrated well that he is just a naughty curious boy in a big man's macho bone and appearance, or in a word: laddish.

We felt into the bed fairly late that night, before that, it was more chats, talks, watching TV together in bed, while my head was on his shoulder, so we only fell into intimacy only late that night, as our conversations were, if I am right, very intriguing between us, we were eager to find out more about each other rather than feeling it out. We fell into intimacy as the darkness and quietness of midnight came in, we felt each other, we explored, back then I was new to guys so I was, can't believe I am saying this, still an innocent virgin, so our intimacy just stayed at hands, and to be honest, I did not even remember that whether we kissed that night, but the intimacy that two body and souls happily exploring each other, I found it quite amazing.

So the next day, we peacefully parted our way, and had been in touch since, for nearly 3/4 years now.

Next time I would post about our 2nd encounter, even we moved hundred miles away from each other.

Trying to find a song to represent our first intimacy time:

Cute, Relaxed, Intimate, Sexy, Slow, sweet, Deep, just like French Kiss.

It is a song called ' French Kiss' by Sex Chill, some links you might find will be:



Monday 21 July 2014

Best 6 Ever

Is sex dirty? Only when it's being done right.
-- Woody Allen

It finally happened. Couple of weeks ago I thought my best 6 was with another guy S which I will write another blog on it. But the best, finally had arrived, as I least expected.

It was a pleasant night out with mates and friends, big dinner, good laughs, plus a pretty girl clearly into me and sent hints throughout the evening,  some body contacts and touchings, not initiated by me, had started to move me into the mood, however the night ended silently with us hugging goodbyes for the night. The night together with the girl moved me into a certain good mood but the quiet ending was, not disappointing, but made me feel a bit bored so I went home, soaked in the couch and turned on the gay dating app and to see what kind of funky message I was getting that night, it was nearly 2:30am.

This is when N started to message me.

N: ' Hey man, straight looking as well, got a pic'.
BB & N pics exchanged.
N looked young, apparently around early 20s, fit, have a cute but not camp smile on his profile picture, a beautiful one before sunset. Assuming my recent work out showed its effects, as his sent an invitation straight after picture exchange which indicated that I passed the 'visual' test.
N: 'fancy coming up to my apartment?'.
Emmm, interesting, such a late and hot night. So I found an excuse 
BB: 'I'd like to but don't think I can hail a taxi'.
N was clearly in the mood for it, as for the following conversation, I separately found three different kinda of excuses and he managed to find solutions to them all, and plus, during our exchange of messages he sent below similar messages three times: 

N:' Guarantee it will be worth your travel'.
BB pointed out travel/arrangement problems as excuses and N threw it back with solutions.
N: 'Promise you won't be disappointed'. 
BB pointed out travel/arrangement problems as excuses and N threw it back with solutions.
N: 'Guarantee no regents'.

I guess this trick worked, I never had a beautiful man guarantee me three times that no regrets for the meet up, now as hindsight, it was his confidence, and clearly built on solid grounds.

So in the midnight 3am, I hopped on a taxi and around 20 mins I arrived on N's street.  Had a little problem finding the house, so decided to ring him. Phone rang, picked up, I started basic greeting and asking for directions, on the other end of the phone, it was just breathing, no answer. 

I was not in shock, but started blaming myself for being irrational and jumping on the cab for nothing but a stranger's promise. So I hang up the phone, decided to try the last time to find the flat by myself, and after walking for 5 mins, I decided to give it a ring again as the last try before calling a cab to return to my house, to my surprise, this time a man with clearly voice picked up, polite and decent, at least by the sound of it, and N apologised as he failed asleep that was why the first time it rang, I could hear nothing but his breath. So he directed me to his flat, which he was standing at the balcony, in the darkness of the midnight, I could only see vaguely a man with good physique was waving to me.

After I went in to the building, the door opened, as soon as I see N, who was only in his boxer, with a cute smile and great body, I gave him a firm handshake, and he took it really well, and instinct told me immediately that we would get along generally, if not in bed. The first feeling came to my mind was that we were like two brothers, not like two strangers.  He greeted me into the door, and 5 seconds later, he turned off the lights of the living room and now the only option was going to his bedroom which is the only place had lights. A bit quick than I thought, I would expect more small talks normally, but whatever, two drunk men who clearly both were under influence of alcohol and most likely the bored feeling were mutual and we were clearly both fully charged in 6 drive. 

So as soon as we came in the room, I sit in bed and N went to close the bedroom door, which I was not sure why since nobody was in the flat, later I found out that it was a clever things to do, as we went quite vocal very soon.

Door closed, two men in the room, before I wanted to even start chatting to make us slightly more acquainted with each other, N did not give me any chance. His s6xy lips came to filled my mouth straight away. It was not those intensive one that make you felt uncomfortable straight away, but it is definitely more than gentle that you can still feel the intensity and knew that it gonna get serious. Our mouths and tongues were very soon tangled together, and he soon turned off my vest, which his pupil diluted once he saw the chest I had been training for so long, and he put me down onto the soft bed of his, and he pushed away all the bedding to the floor, leaving a massive queen size bed just two men who were getting to the edge of the cliff and waiting for a thrust to get off it and fall into the deep darkness of pleasure.

N was such a good player, he knew exactly the points and spots to hit to make it tick, from head to feet, I will leave you to imagine the mid part. ;)  He was also very clearly how to use his teeth to spice things up, ask my ears, necks and n@pples, they would strongly agree, or even my little buddy down there.   That was a proper foreplay I had to say, we were sometimes hugging so hard, sometimes rolled each other over to pin the other down, and then he went down on me, and it was, so good, and especially with his hands. Soon we had to reach the decision, normally I would not be under a guy, but the foreplay did the trick, I decided to b@ttom for this guy, the guy who completed had me in his hand.  

He was gentle and considerate to start with, so I was lying on the bed and tried to get used to his big big tool, but suddenly the tone changed and it started to get, how should we put this, proper and speed up. It was getting faster, stronger, and better. But I decided to spice things up, so I stood up and ask both of us to go to the wall, but we didn't even managed to go that far since probably the wall 1 meter away seems 1 km to us when we were both so eager to continue, so we just went to the wardrobe 5 inches away, only had that little patience then already. Then, how should I put it, he was so hard, rough, fast, and focus that me and the wardrobe were both so loud, for at least 5 minutes. Yes the wardrobe was loud, am sure you can understand why.  

It was so good, as I had been waiting for a man who can do it as a man as I expected for so long, rough, hard, like a man, that is what I do, that is what I expected, and finally, it was there, and right at that moment. 

After my intimacy with the wardrobe, we fell to the bed again, this time, same story as usual, expect that this time the bed was very very loud, naughty bed, until finally everything quiet down in just 1 second. 

I can't remember when I read book that there was a description of the 6 between a detective and his lover that it reads ' it was so good that even the neighbour will sit down have a cigarette after it.' I remembered so clearly when I was reading it and imagine when could that happen to me, then now I can't wait to put my head out and check the smoke coming out from neighbour's window. Yes, it was that good, even the afterwards cuddling, spooning and a lot of kissing, even better.

Then, sadly I can't stay for long so we had to say goodbye, of course with our mouth together. 

Happily, the end. Whoever comes from now then will have a mountain to climb. :)

Sunday 22 June 2014

Yesterday once more - D

Delusion detests focus and romance provides the veil

                                                                        -  Suzanne Finnamore

If you read my blog before, you would know D, a guy I met quite a long time ago that we did not engage in any 6 but I absolutely fell for him. The night I spent with him sleeping in his arms had never made me any more secure, safe and relaxed.  

Well, however, unfortunately D did not feel the same way. D has a thing, he has a special taste when comes to guys, he fell for muscly guys with big chest, arms and ab packs. So when we first met, that was when my work completed messed up my body from all the late night drinks and pizzas that I had at work, hence, sadly, D was not that into me. When I left D's house, since I felt so strongly about him, I decided to start training again to get my old body again with 6 packs and build big arms and chest, just for D.

Naive, I know.

So I started training, a bit on and off, but daydreaming that sometime I will be back in to the body that D desired, then he will see me again, then we will have great 6, and I dreamed it must be so good, that kind of 6 that even the neighbour will have a cigarette after we had it. Well think about it, we just cuddled and slept together with some intimacy, I felt strongly already, so no wonder I will expect so much from our 6.

So very occasionally, we would exchange a few text messages and he would query whether I get my packs and pecks ready. To be honest, exchange of text message is a bit exaggerating, more like I text quite a few times and occasionally I get a short response and asking for my training situation with request to ask for some photos then it is the cool off period again. 

For one time or two, I could have met D again, as he asked me whether I was ready to meet again, I could ignore whether my body was ready or not and just said I am then we would meet up again, however I was so into D that I did not want to disappoint him, so I thought I had to get into the body that would make at least half of the people at my gym be jealous and another half would be too shameful to come to gym, then I think that would be the time to meet D again, so time has gone by, life has moving on, but D and myself had not met for over a year.

For over a year, D had been at the little corner of my heart that I never told anyone, so just wrapped up my strong crush on him and put into a tiny little corner in my heart, back of my mind, and quieting counting my 6 packs and counting on the day meeting D will come soon.

Strangely, or probably meant to be (I doubt it), one night I went out with a mate, and while chatting with my friend, there was a guy contacted me from an app to ask me to join him in a bar nearby. I spoke with my friend quickly and we decided to drop by the g@ay bar, and while i was trying to get through the door, I suddenly saw a familiar face at the front of the queue. I looked again, and it was D, with an unknown guy next to him! I tried to look again, and it was him, chatting, laughing, and seemed happy but also a bit mind drifting. I quickly gathered that it must be a date he was on, so I decided not to say Hi, plus I am not so sure that whether he would still recognise me or not, so I think the best way is to stay put and text him later to double check with him. I remembered that when I actually checked and do believe that was D, I suddenly burst into loud laugh at my friend's 'jokes', which made him feel that he finally started to pick up a sense of humour. I laughed out so loud because I felt life is so funny in a way that the guy had been haunted me back and forward on my mind for so long, I had met him in such an unexpected way, time, location, and occasion. On my mind, it was a proper dinner date, in a fancy restaurant, and he emerged himself in a suit, not at the front queue outside of a gay bar with a guy next to him and people throwing up at the corner. 

So I texted him on site and left quietly with my friend so he could enjoy his date properly. Plus, I seriously doubt that he would remember me, based on a wild guess that how many guys he had been meeting with when we last seen each other, and that would be quite awkward if I said Hi in that kind of situation. 

Then, I was right. As D messaged me back and tried to establish this 'stranger' who messaged him. Well after a few reminders he at least recalled that I was the guy 'laugh loudly in the crowd', not the guy who cuddled him over a year ago, of course. I told him that bigger arms and chest had been accomplished, then we quickly set up a meet up briefly. I was excited, excited enough I ironed my t-shirt and pants before I went out to see him. I do not even iron my shirt for work. 

So I ended in a bar probably an hour before he arrived, then I was waiting, peacefully, anxiously. Then an hour later, after I secured a seat at the bar with nice views, D came into sight.

He came with a grey shirt and jeans, the first thing I noticed, interestingly, was that D did give out his 'gay vibe' straight away, when he's walking to the table and how he behave, or put it in another way, I found that D was a bit camp, which clearly I did not recall or remember from last time we met in his house. So while we were chatting with each other, my mind was filled with this question that 'did I idolised this guy that much that I did not even notice or remember that he was a bit camp?'. 

Then he ordered some food, and we had been chatting, catching up with each other about what we had been up to during these YEARS, and talking about his 'boring and disappointing' date the night before. I felt that we were talking about everything, but also nothing at all.

Then he decided to left for home, without me, then I walked with him for a bit, he asked me:

'S, do you really think there is anything here between us'.


Well, clearly, he was making clear that there is no chance between us, and he was really not into me. 

Well, that hardly made it a surprise, given that for over a year he was the one who moved on probably the second I left his house and I was the one have him on my mind all the time.

But I, spontaneously, replied that 

'Well, I do think so, anyway, let's meet again sometime soon, as a friend'.

What was at the tip of my tongue was that 'you only know tiny bit of me, if you give it a chance to get to know me a bit more, you will love me.'

But it didn't make it out of my mouth.

Then D just disappeared in the crowd.

I walked to central London to meet my mates, and while I was on the way, I felt surprisingly calm, and disappointed, and sad, and normal, a mixture of feelings really. I discovered that I truly idolised D, as after this meeting, I found that D was a bit camp, and a bit less than the perfect prince I thought he was for the past year, but he still had his charm there to me, and my gut feeling was that he would not meet me again, as he knew clearly now that I had a crush on him, and he did not want to give me any false hop.

So here it is, this is my dreamed meeting with D again, not so much as I expected. 

Probably, most likely, the End........

Sunday 15 June 2014

Back in Blogging - Past a few months

Hola everyone, welcome to this blog and I am making a presence after a few months' absence.

It has been busy for past a few months, and I can't wait to share a few interesting stories with you.

Will starting a new post in this week to keep this blog alive.

Good luck to everyone's life and hope you can find someone special soon!


Saturday 28 December 2013

Celebrating seasons

I was within and without, simultaneously enchanted and repelled by the inexhaustible variety of life.

                                       - F. Scott Fitzgerald

This is it. Times flies like rains in Spring, when you hear the rustling and are just about to embrace it, it shies away. The next thing you know, bang, they are lighting up the Tree again. 

At the tail of the year, it seems unavoidable to be reflective on the past 300ish days. The BBC is showing all the predominant figures of the year who passed away for the year, repeatedly and tirelessly that made me wonder if it takes extra joy in doing so. 

Oxford dictionary has chosen the word 'selfie' as the word of the year, I was intending to resume the manner to choose a word for my own word of the year, but I failed to come up a magic word can describe my whole year, so after a while thinking I think I would just draw up the classics and borrow the wisdom from Mr.Fitzgerald, hence the prologue.

Precisely as described in the prologue, my year of 2013 was in between the fascination to all kinds of attractions around me but also my natural tendencies of avoiding such: complication has been like an echoing rhythm in my life throughout this year, where I feel that there have been numerous inner battles within myself: for example, the more eastern mind of conservative and family centred tradition and the more western mind of embracing mind freedom and self accepting has been a keynote to dominate my romanic relationship life.  

This year I had brief stories with handful guys and no girls so far, nevertheless none of them are proper dates, apart from one which was a tragic fail.  It was with an Aussie opera singer who had authentic deep bass voice who speaks as if water drops from the cleanest and clearest mineral spring hidden in a remote forest, listening to it can bring to me freshness. He came across as a perfect young gentleman and a rare find among now the noise world filled with commodity fetishism. He was well presented, attired in a black casual suit with every inch of neatness on it, patent leather shoes and a Fedora hat has been the signature of him as it magically brought out the man in him: Decent, slightly a bit of english Old Schooled but also with a slice of frivolous brought probably from 'the Land down under'.  We met in a pub, exchanged conversation with a couple of wine, beer and whiskey until the time got into the way and we parted the way.   The apart had been saddened by the no response from him, however it is an opera singer and a business man, what can I expect? The common interests between us hardly filled any time when we were together at the pub, the excessive drinks did.

I also came across two boys who I truly felt sorry for them, one was M and another was another boy named T (Not the T as in my previous blog). They were both at their early 20s and had no clue of their future heads and was struggling between rents and getting a job to serve at the bar.  I felt for them because I saw my own mirror in them, if I was in their situation. They were struggling in life, got kicked out from one house to another for falling behind their rents, they cannot secure a proper job for their distorted way of dealing with people and handling a normal office relationship, their family cannot afford the comfort and security, hence they are like canoes drifting on the sea without sight of a beacon. I really feel for them because I know that a difference of their canoes drifting or capsizing on the sea was a matter of storm, and what is sad to me is all we know that the storm will come. The main reason I was empathetic with them is down to the key reason that we, me, M and T all share the same loneliness about life, despite the success of our professional life or our economic conditions. Money cannot buy happiness, friendship or love, I assume it's because the latter ones are too invaluable to be measured by any monetary forms.   I can only sincerely hope that M and T can get better ahead in the new year and grow into a more mature person with more confidence and better condition to handle their life more smoothly and find happiness.

Well, feeling that it is enough to write up for now, time to finish up. New year wishes, as tacky as it is.  After a year exploring into my side with guys, with little successful stories to tell, I was frustrated, in a sense, and eastern side of me is going to, I predict, lose to the western side of me, so I will open up further up in the new year 2014 to start to learn to accept myself and start properly set up a few dates and see how the new year will take me to. It is bold but I think I am getting closer and closer to embrace the true side of myself, and I think it should be good, as at least it worth trying while I am young.

Best of luck in the new year to all my readers who care to read into my blog and share my life journey along the way. :)

We leave the station barely moving
And slowly begin to accelerate
So we raise our glasses for a last time
I don’t remember what we celebrate

And we said our first hello
On the Orient Express
We got plenty of time to kill
And we sang and danced away
On the Orient Express
To the rhythm of the wheels of steel

I can hear them laughing 
In the restaurant
You took me walking down the avenue
So we blow the candles
Make our wishes
How I wonder if they’re ever coming true

And we said our first hello
On the Orient Express
We got plenty of time to kill
And we sang and danced away
On the Orient Express
To the rhythm of the wheels of steel

We’re getting closer to hundred miles an hour
When I saw a figure standing on the rails
I start to panic as the train’s approaching
It’s too late to pull the breaks

And we said our first hello
On the Orient Express
We got plenty of time to kill
And we sang and danced away
On the Orient Express
To the rhythm of the wheels of steel

And we fell in love
On the Orient Express
On this never ending journey home
And we kissed our last goodbye
On the Orient Express
There’s no turning back along the road

Tuesday 3 December 2013

Lemongrass midnight

Be yourself.  Everyone else is already taken.

- Oscar Wilde

Approaching midnight now. The world calms down very swiftly as time tickling away on a typical Tuesday workday evening, like a very disciplined boy knowing his bedtime well. To me, this seems like an ideal night: no drunk screamers on the street, and people are rushing out of gym after 20:00 giving me much more space into exercising. The evening was also not be disturbed by any party invitation calls, no emails flooding in, like someone carefully planned this out, or my Internet was cut off? Ohhh, wait, it is actually fine. Phew.

In such a pleasant evening, I could not wait but to throw myself into the swimming for 40 mins which was so refreshing that I think I still smells a bit bleaching from the pool 4 hours ago, such a shame that people can create all kinds of perfume or fragrance for so many things and into so many products but they seems quite forgetful to add a bit 'smell of Ocean' into any swimming pool water, so I have regular Bleaching smelling, 3 times a 

The last couple of months had been absolutely hectic times, I was like a moth flying in and out of frustration, excitements and happiness. But all in all, things are looking up and bright, which at least comforting to me. Finally decide to leave a moment to myself tonight before slipping into my dream to write up something here.

Recently personal life has been a very empty page to me, despite loads loads of messages receiving on various apps and handful messages exchanged with some people. High 6 drive turned into gym efforts successfully, which in return contributed to the more and more solid physique that I am going to be very proud of in the next couple of months. It caught me a bit surprise, however I believe it is a good thing that I gradually stepped away from the g@y dating apps, as I started to lose interest in pointless greetings and rarely I could really find anyone who can really caught my attention. Increasing felt that the little profile page of these dating apps is really like a marketing tool and if so, many people just failed tragically in doing so. Speedy and instant hook up really is not my thing these days, as my days at work and night in gym have already exhausted my energy, plus my hands are so handy so really there is not much space for something extra. Having said this, I came into a surprise encounter with a guy on an app who I met in a business occasion in real life. Let us call him 'S' for now.

The first time I saw S was in a business networking event where I was looking for the venue and he was standing outside the venue with this friend. He and his strong solid big muscly arms. The first glance at him made me think that I wish I knew how to train to get those arms done, while walking towards him to interpose into their conversation to ask for clarification about the venue location. He clearly paused and answered my question and jumped straight back into his chat with his mate. During the network events, somehow I was sitting next to him briefly and we had a brief chat again, and my vague memory told me that we shook hands twice, first time as normal social greeting, and I guess my little inner lust jumped out and created the second leaving handshake myself. I really fancied the two strong big arms and bulging biceps, either as an physical attraction but also from a normal person who is in training to get into solid shape.  One night I opened a dating app briefly, and received a message from a profile photo of solid chest and strong upper body without a head, and after a brief 'hi', a headshot came back, and I instantly smiled and laughed, it was a photo of S's head on my phone screen with a gentle smile and posed like a formal ID pass or office shot.  What a nice coincidence and I then noticed that he was living just around 350 meters away from me. My first instinct was that 'is him using the same gym as mine? Could we become gym buddy so I can learn from his training to get the same strong arms?'. Well, of course I followed up on the conversation, and I found out that we had many similar experiences, career wise, and he was interviewing with some top consulting firms and investment banks which I had some bizarre failures and proud victories to share with him, and we were also in similar professional background and we even shared one major sports in common. So smooth chatting along the way so I decided to let him know that I met him before chatting on the app without reminding him too much about our meeting, and clearly I did not leave a strong impression back then, so he could not really figure out who I was, but he did not get to the bottom of it, which was good for me as I am not sure how I would handle this 'new neighbour' 'relationship', so for example, if I did not meet him on dating app, then I ran into him on the street nearby then I would say 'Hi', since it was a good chatting with him at the business event. However now since we chatted on a g@y dating app, then should I say 'Hi' or not when seeing each other on the street? Probably not, because somehow I would feel wired, like I was shouting on the street to scream: I wanna do you and your arms. It is just like coming from from swimming pool with smelling of bleach on me, coming off a dating app to reality would make most meet ups with people somehow comes off a bit 6sual, no matter what the original genuine intentions are. 

So me and S kept exchanging messages not only on the app, but also with texts, on things that we felt commonly interested in. The whole situation still sits in the comfort zone that I knew him but he does not really remember who I am. I occasionally would think about meeting him in person and what would things like, but I guess I do not really have strong drive to meet him as well, since our last encounter did not leave a mark on his side, I doubt any meeting offline would be a good idea. To be honest, to pair up with him in gym training was actually weigh much more than wanting something extra from S. So I guess there will not be further stories to tell between me and S, he is just a sexy young man with sexy biceps who exchanges social messages with a stranger from time to time on the phone. 

Speaking here, it reminds me that in last of months, I also met a senior banker who discovered his sexualities in mid-40s and a young decent opera singer who is settling down in London. However the stories are to be told for another night. Now it is time to call it a day.

By the by, I quoted Oscar Wilde at the beginning as a response to the brave come out message from Tom Daley and that is also a message I want to tell to myself. I am not a massive fan of Tom or not even a supporter or such, however I think it is a courageous move for him to be honest with his choice and not afraid to step up to what he believes in. From this boy, I think that I should really learn from him to be more open and to embrace the freedom comes after it. However, it is always easier to be said than done. 

Lemongrass midnight? Nothing special, simply put a steamer on with lemongrass essential oil, then you can have one too, in an unnoisy Tuesday evening or at the tail of the sunset of Sunday, highly recommended. :)

Good night.

Wednesday 13 November 2013

The Kiss

      A man's kiss is his signature.
- Mae West

Well, it just happened.

Had been extremely busy these days at work so I rarely had much time to meet or date any guys or girls over the last couple of weeks, 1 month or 2 really. However I did not make a fuss about it, or shall I say I hardly paid attention to my dating life as am 110% absorbed by my working time, in a fulfilling and happy way, guest it won’t be far away before am turning into a workaholic.

Also, after a couple of months’ physical training I started to feel the real difference in the attitude of the mass singles community, and I would like to announce to the world about the discovery of strong correlation between the size of my bulging biceps and the messages and hittings I got both online (mostly from guys) and offline (from both guys and girls). When one day you found out 40 messages on your mobile app at the end of a day, then you do not need to lift your shirt to see your 6 pack to know you are on the right route.

After a busy Sunday afternoon, I decided to make a move to join some of my mates for a few chilling drinks at the riverbank, take advantage of last times of loud summer days. On my way to the meeting venue, I also multi-tasking myself into a quick review of online messages I had received over the course of the day, and saw that a guy from European who seemed friendly started a conversation with me a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to reply to him, as a courtesy to his friendly message.

Interestingly, his friendly manner drew my attention, and we exchanged more messages on the train and then he raised the idea of meeting up, then I agreed. So after a few drinks and great laughs, I was on my way to West End.

Although I was on time, he was already standing in front of the door of a pub, and we recognized each other 7/8 meters away, where he gave me a nice warm smile. This was lucky so that we would be able to skip the awkward ‘Are you XXX part of the conversation and smoothly move into the decision of where to go for drinks, and we decided to go into the pub, to start with. To the drunkards who seated right next to the door, we seemed like a old couple of friends who just met for drinks, we handled it so natural and smooth, which skills I guess Druug deals must be jealous of us.

I had to say he, let’s call him T then, who made a nice first impression. Decent dress, neat hair-cut and well-behaved manner, normally what I expect for a first meet-up with someone fairly unknown. As long as these qualities are shown, you know that you would end up at least a peaceful night without any drama, which definitely necessary for my Sunday eves. If the person score more points for other qualities, then bonus, which I luckily got one later that night.

So a pint or two kicked off the conversation nicely, from which we both established our basic backgrounds etc. He is currently with a University, I guess that is where the friendly manner was developed. I cannot recall what exactly we had discussed about, but I just remembered the conversation was pleasant and well-maintained, and we were exploring each other’s interests, and found out that we share one common sport interests, although which am still under training every week while he had given up for a couple of years. But still, it kept the conversation going.

After a few drinks, we both felt that a few more drinks would be helpful to carry on our talks, and the crowded pub started to get more empty as people leaving the venue, so we moved on to another pub which I went once, and it was great. We found 2 seats by the bar, and had a great talk there, this time topic was getting slightly deeper, where we were exploring each other’s life a bit more, so I knew that he had a boyfriend for 3 years or so before his boyfriend decided not to come out to anyone which meant that the relationship was ended since it was not going where. I remembered that, probably under the influence of drinks, I made a quite a speech about how I would just come out once I met the right person, if it is a guy, and would not give in to any other factors such as friends and family, since at the end of the day, am living my own life. Well, I believe when I said that I did mean it, and also it must be the first time I was saying it firmly in front of someone, before that I did not even speak to myself about that. 1st surprise of the night.

Our conversation was carried away with the loud fizzy crowd, music and laughs went around us, and even after the barman stroke the bell twice to call for an end to the night desperately, we were high on our talks, so once the broad lights turned on and the barman called the end of the night, we decided to move to another place where the night just began. So we went to a nearby bar and club.

We were standing at the edge of the bar, where the barman cared least, and having our heated conversation, our laughs got louder and louder as the empty bottoms piled up on our side, and we were also getting closer to each other, and unsurprisingly, he moved his mouth over. Well, normally I do not kiss anyone I do not know well enough, and I rarely kiss guys, if I did, most of them were just lips basis and rarely need the help of my mouth and tongue. I guess this was mainly because 1) I haven’t felt strongly enough to kiss the man and 2) I tried to keep away from any Unpleasant germs out there, as after all, only God knows where had those mouths had been, and still put my health as top priority over potential pleasure comes with risks. I am a risk taker, but normally only take them only when its worth it.
So anyway, back to the kiss. As I replied to T’s message as a courtesy, I welcomed the kiss from T with a courtesy response. However, this clearly was not what he expected, so right after our 1st Kiss he returned to my lips at a lightening speed, which surprisingly to me, I took it fully. So we had a great nice passionate kiss that after we had it, I said nothing but ‘wow’. I kissed a guy, and I had to say the first time I actually enjoyed the feeling. Maybe that was because of the drinks, maybe that was because of T, I am still unsure about the reason why, but I just knew that it was good, damned good. T clearly agreed so, so he was more and more active that he got his arms around my waist to bring out chest closely together, and our tongues clearly had met already so no introduction needed anymore, they found each perfectly well and seemed to not be able to get rid of each other, for the rest of the night. So yes, we were just kissing and kissing there at the end of the bar, passionately as if nobody was around. And we moved to the side of the dance floor, and I remembered that my back was against the wall and just relaxed to the music and enjoyed the sensations sent from my mouth. Alcohol, dance music, shaking dance floor, nothing beat that kiss that we had.

Sadly because it was Sunday, I had to come back to sense at some point that I had to leave for home, to ensure that I won’t be eyes dropping on my Monday morning meetings or accidentally yawned at some point. We went out to the corner of the street that where we found out we needed to head to different direction, and at the sad goodbye time, T gave me a great yet confusing complement to myself by saying that I was a great kisser. That would never occur to me that I would be crowned with that title, at least not that soon, with guys especially, considering how inexperienced I am with guys. However I had no problem to admit that I delivered it to a professional experienced level tonight, somehow, that I guess I was just at the right time and met the right person.

So as a finish of the great night, as a smirk emerged on T’s face, our mouth fell together at the very end of the night right in front of a Rickshaw manwho must be also secretly hope that we would have the craziest and most addictive there that so we would mentally messed up to take his Rickshaw to home.

So, I kissed a boy. And for the first time in my life, I enjoyed it, a lot.

The text written in mid -Septemter 2013 posted today12/Nov/2013