Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The Bilinearity of love

'You mean the big lighting bolt to the heart......the reason you haven't felt it is because it doesn't exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me to seek nylon.'
------- Donald Draper, fictional character of Man Man

It is always good to begin with a disclaimer that this blog post is bounded to have loads spelling mistakes because, ehhhh, I just had a big cup of caramel Frappuccino so am both in sugar rush and my bladder is about to explode, and because am writing this on my tablet which spell check practically does not work.

Recently life has been so busy all of sudden, all kinds of stuff in hands that made me spinning around the clock.  There were some delights for the past month but did not seem to go the way I would expect. However now I have made myself getting to a regular gym goers now, and by regular, I meant 6 times week, and am very pleased with the results so far, and in another month or two I believe I will have my pound body back again.

Having a great body is so important to me as it instantly improves my confidence, both in a general sense as body gives me strength but also in a sexual sense which can improve my sexual attractiveness. Also I find going to gym really help improve my energy level and it is just do refreshing after exercises, it makes you feel new and ready for whatever next.

Recently, because of a busy busy schedule, hence did not have the time to meet anyone,either boy or girl, pretty much stayed in the texting stage with one or two guys just chatting, which was nice.   Went out another night with bunch of mates and there was a guy who is a friend of my friend, and had a crush on him when hitting the club, nice body, tall, big chest and big muscle, broad shaders and great smile, what's not to like. I had also changed my profile pic on some iPhone apps for gay/bi guys which was my gym body shot, and boi, messages just started flooded in like hell makes you wonder whether you are a horny wolf zone.    I also started to notice a guy in my gym as well, he asked me once something random like 'do you wanna share this machine' or such and we pretty much recognise each others' face. But he is very nice, very low key but indepent guy in my age, similar height to me, nice firm muscle and cute. We always go to gym at pretty much the same time range hence from time to time would run into each other, we dont say hello to each other but I kinda feel that he set eyes on me and I did the same on him.   Not sure which side he is with, but would actually be great to have him on board as a gym buddy as seems we are sharing same fitness level and features. Yes I do have a minor crush on him but hey, it is a gym, when comes down to Gym, I mean 'serious business', oops, serious fitness, no checking on out guys or girls, just sort out my 6 pack and go.   

Anyway I found this blog post very ramdon, but to be honest when sitting in a Starbucks and carrying a full bladder, you can't blame me for writing above. What I intend to write was I am wondering when I will be in love, and I can actually feel or taste love so I would know what it is like. Up to now it seems a very remote destination so guess just have to take a number and wait?

What if it really is like what Donald said? Then what am queuing for?

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