Wednesday, 13 November 2013

The Kiss

      A man's kiss is his signature.
- Mae West

Well, it just happened.

Had been extremely busy these days at work so I rarely had much time to meet or date any guys or girls over the last couple of weeks, 1 month or 2 really. However I did not make a fuss about it, or shall I say I hardly paid attention to my dating life as am 110% absorbed by my working time, in a fulfilling and happy way, guest it won’t be far away before am turning into a workaholic.

Also, after a couple of months’ physical training I started to feel the real difference in the attitude of the mass singles community, and I would like to announce to the world about the discovery of strong correlation between the size of my bulging biceps and the messages and hittings I got both online (mostly from guys) and offline (from both guys and girls). When one day you found out 40 messages on your mobile app at the end of a day, then you do not need to lift your shirt to see your 6 pack to know you are on the right route.

After a busy Sunday afternoon, I decided to make a move to join some of my mates for a few chilling drinks at the riverbank, take advantage of last times of loud summer days. On my way to the meeting venue, I also multi-tasking myself into a quick review of online messages I had received over the course of the day, and saw that a guy from European who seemed friendly started a conversation with me a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to reply to him, as a courtesy to his friendly message.

Interestingly, his friendly manner drew my attention, and we exchanged more messages on the train and then he raised the idea of meeting up, then I agreed. So after a few drinks and great laughs, I was on my way to West End.

Although I was on time, he was already standing in front of the door of a pub, and we recognized each other 7/8 meters away, where he gave me a nice warm smile. This was lucky so that we would be able to skip the awkward ‘Are you XXX part of the conversation and smoothly move into the decision of where to go for drinks, and we decided to go into the pub, to start with. To the drunkards who seated right next to the door, we seemed like a old couple of friends who just met for drinks, we handled it so natural and smooth, which skills I guess Druug deals must be jealous of us.

I had to say he, let’s call him T then, who made a nice first impression. Decent dress, neat hair-cut and well-behaved manner, normally what I expect for a first meet-up with someone fairly unknown. As long as these qualities are shown, you know that you would end up at least a peaceful night without any drama, which definitely necessary for my Sunday eves. If the person score more points for other qualities, then bonus, which I luckily got one later that night.

So a pint or two kicked off the conversation nicely, from which we both established our basic backgrounds etc. He is currently with a University, I guess that is where the friendly manner was developed. I cannot recall what exactly we had discussed about, but I just remembered the conversation was pleasant and well-maintained, and we were exploring each other’s interests, and found out that we share one common sport interests, although which am still under training every week while he had given up for a couple of years. But still, it kept the conversation going.

After a few drinks, we both felt that a few more drinks would be helpful to carry on our talks, and the crowded pub started to get more empty as people leaving the venue, so we moved on to another pub which I went once, and it was great. We found 2 seats by the bar, and had a great talk there, this time topic was getting slightly deeper, where we were exploring each other’s life a bit more, so I knew that he had a boyfriend for 3 years or so before his boyfriend decided not to come out to anyone which meant that the relationship was ended since it was not going where. I remembered that, probably under the influence of drinks, I made a quite a speech about how I would just come out once I met the right person, if it is a guy, and would not give in to any other factors such as friends and family, since at the end of the day, am living my own life. Well, I believe when I said that I did mean it, and also it must be the first time I was saying it firmly in front of someone, before that I did not even speak to myself about that. 1st surprise of the night.

Our conversation was carried away with the loud fizzy crowd, music and laughs went around us, and even after the barman stroke the bell twice to call for an end to the night desperately, we were high on our talks, so once the broad lights turned on and the barman called the end of the night, we decided to move to another place where the night just began. So we went to a nearby bar and club.

We were standing at the edge of the bar, where the barman cared least, and having our heated conversation, our laughs got louder and louder as the empty bottoms piled up on our side, and we were also getting closer to each other, and unsurprisingly, he moved his mouth over. Well, normally I do not kiss anyone I do not know well enough, and I rarely kiss guys, if I did, most of them were just lips basis and rarely need the help of my mouth and tongue. I guess this was mainly because 1) I haven’t felt strongly enough to kiss the man and 2) I tried to keep away from any Unpleasant germs out there, as after all, only God knows where had those mouths had been, and still put my health as top priority over potential pleasure comes with risks. I am a risk taker, but normally only take them only when its worth it.
So anyway, back to the kiss. As I replied to T’s message as a courtesy, I welcomed the kiss from T with a courtesy response. However, this clearly was not what he expected, so right after our 1st Kiss he returned to my lips at a lightening speed, which surprisingly to me, I took it fully. So we had a great nice passionate kiss that after we had it, I said nothing but ‘wow’. I kissed a guy, and I had to say the first time I actually enjoyed the feeling. Maybe that was because of the drinks, maybe that was because of T, I am still unsure about the reason why, but I just knew that it was good, damned good. T clearly agreed so, so he was more and more active that he got his arms around my waist to bring out chest closely together, and our tongues clearly had met already so no introduction needed anymore, they found each perfectly well and seemed to not be able to get rid of each other, for the rest of the night. So yes, we were just kissing and kissing there at the end of the bar, passionately as if nobody was around. And we moved to the side of the dance floor, and I remembered that my back was against the wall and just relaxed to the music and enjoyed the sensations sent from my mouth. Alcohol, dance music, shaking dance floor, nothing beat that kiss that we had.

Sadly because it was Sunday, I had to come back to sense at some point that I had to leave for home, to ensure that I won’t be eyes dropping on my Monday morning meetings or accidentally yawned at some point. We went out to the corner of the street that where we found out we needed to head to different direction, and at the sad goodbye time, T gave me a great yet confusing complement to myself by saying that I was a great kisser. That would never occur to me that I would be crowned with that title, at least not that soon, with guys especially, considering how inexperienced I am with guys. However I had no problem to admit that I delivered it to a professional experienced level tonight, somehow, that I guess I was just at the right time and met the right person.

So as a finish of the great night, as a smirk emerged on T’s face, our mouth fell together at the very end of the night right in front of a Rickshaw manwho must be also secretly hope that we would have the craziest and most addictive there that so we would mentally messed up to take his Rickshaw to home.

So, I kissed a boy. And for the first time in my life, I enjoyed it, a lot.

The text written in mid -Septemter 2013 posted today12/Nov/2013

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