Friday, 3 October 2014

First time with J

“They slipped briskly into an intimacy from which they never recovered.”

 F. Scott Fitzgerald, This Side of Paradise

The first time I met J was still at college. I even forgot how and where we got to know each other online, then we decided to book a hotel to meet each other.

I still remembered how nervous and awkward right before we were about to meet each other in the hotel. I checked in the room that booked, and we agreed that we would share the room fee, and I was sitting in bed, TV open, chewing my excitement, thrills, curiosity, anxiety altogether. Then his texted came through, just parked his car in the hotel, so I sent the direction to the room to spare him from guilty conversation with the receptionist, then waiting.

Steps were closer and closer, it was time to get out of bed to walk to the door. Then, hard, rapid knock on the door, like a 30 year old male's knock: has the confidence to make a solid sound but still not maturity enough to fully appreciate composure.  I vaguely recalled that my first impression was ' damn, the guy has power, physically'.

So I opened the door, J rushed straight in without me even had the time to extend my hand to greet him, he just wanted to in and avoiding to be seen by others, although it was an empty hallway.

J carried a big gym bag, and in his trainers and sports coats, looked like a typical English chap worked in construction work just finished work, with a cap on head, but the difference was: He did not have the normal paint or work stains on this bags or clothes that like many other construction workers had.

While he walked in, he started mumbling about the trouble about car parking and how difficult to find the room, without even gave me any chance to say hi. It did not take a 5 years old to know that he was nervous, but to me, the way he behaved from the way he walked in until he dropped bag and we finally reached the 'Hi' stage, was cute.  This was proved furthur that by 3 minutes in the room, before he even seated, he got some cash out from his bag and told me that it was his share of money for the room fee, later when I checked out the room, I found out that was the exact amount of his share, no more, no less.

So, J, cannot remember too much detailed now about our first meeting, but J was in his mid 20s, strong physical, muscular, great beard, dark just shaved stubble covered decent share of his face, big beautiful light grey eyes, friendly, caring, the most importantly and probably most attractively, throughout the night, he demonstrated well that he is just a naughty curious boy in a big man's macho bone and appearance, or in a word: laddish.

We felt into the bed fairly late that night, before that, it was more chats, talks, watching TV together in bed, while my head was on his shoulder, so we only fell into intimacy only late that night, as our conversations were, if I am right, very intriguing between us, we were eager to find out more about each other rather than feeling it out. We fell into intimacy as the darkness and quietness of midnight came in, we felt each other, we explored, back then I was new to guys so I was, can't believe I am saying this, still an innocent virgin, so our intimacy just stayed at hands, and to be honest, I did not even remember that whether we kissed that night, but the intimacy that two body and souls happily exploring each other, I found it quite amazing.

So the next day, we peacefully parted our way, and had been in touch since, for nearly 3/4 years now.

Next time I would post about our 2nd encounter, even we moved hundred miles away from each other.

Trying to find a song to represent our first intimacy time:

Cute, Relaxed, Intimate, Sexy, Slow, sweet, Deep, just like French Kiss.

It is a song called ' French Kiss' by Sex Chill, some links you might find will be:



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