Monday, 21 July 2014

Best 6 Ever

Is sex dirty? Only when it's being done right.
-- Woody Allen

It finally happened. Couple of weeks ago I thought my best 6 was with another guy S which I will write another blog on it. But the best, finally had arrived, as I least expected.

It was a pleasant night out with mates and friends, big dinner, good laughs, plus a pretty girl clearly into me and sent hints throughout the evening,  some body contacts and touchings, not initiated by me, had started to move me into the mood, however the night ended silently with us hugging goodbyes for the night. The night together with the girl moved me into a certain good mood but the quiet ending was, not disappointing, but made me feel a bit bored so I went home, soaked in the couch and turned on the gay dating app and to see what kind of funky message I was getting that night, it was nearly 2:30am.

This is when N started to message me.

N: ' Hey man, straight looking as well, got a pic'.
BB & N pics exchanged.
N looked young, apparently around early 20s, fit, have a cute but not camp smile on his profile picture, a beautiful one before sunset. Assuming my recent work out showed its effects, as his sent an invitation straight after picture exchange which indicated that I passed the 'visual' test.
N: 'fancy coming up to my apartment?'.
Emmm, interesting, such a late and hot night. So I found an excuse 
BB: 'I'd like to but don't think I can hail a taxi'.
N was clearly in the mood for it, as for the following conversation, I separately found three different kinda of excuses and he managed to find solutions to them all, and plus, during our exchange of messages he sent below similar messages three times: 

N:' Guarantee it will be worth your travel'.
BB pointed out travel/arrangement problems as excuses and N threw it back with solutions.
N: 'Promise you won't be disappointed'. 
BB pointed out travel/arrangement problems as excuses and N threw it back with solutions.
N: 'Guarantee no regents'.

I guess this trick worked, I never had a beautiful man guarantee me three times that no regrets for the meet up, now as hindsight, it was his confidence, and clearly built on solid grounds.

So in the midnight 3am, I hopped on a taxi and around 20 mins I arrived on N's street.  Had a little problem finding the house, so decided to ring him. Phone rang, picked up, I started basic greeting and asking for directions, on the other end of the phone, it was just breathing, no answer. 

I was not in shock, but started blaming myself for being irrational and jumping on the cab for nothing but a stranger's promise. So I hang up the phone, decided to try the last time to find the flat by myself, and after walking for 5 mins, I decided to give it a ring again as the last try before calling a cab to return to my house, to my surprise, this time a man with clearly voice picked up, polite and decent, at least by the sound of it, and N apologised as he failed asleep that was why the first time it rang, I could hear nothing but his breath. So he directed me to his flat, which he was standing at the balcony, in the darkness of the midnight, I could only see vaguely a man with good physique was waving to me.

After I went in to the building, the door opened, as soon as I see N, who was only in his boxer, with a cute smile and great body, I gave him a firm handshake, and he took it really well, and instinct told me immediately that we would get along generally, if not in bed. The first feeling came to my mind was that we were like two brothers, not like two strangers.  He greeted me into the door, and 5 seconds later, he turned off the lights of the living room and now the only option was going to his bedroom which is the only place had lights. A bit quick than I thought, I would expect more small talks normally, but whatever, two drunk men who clearly both were under influence of alcohol and most likely the bored feeling were mutual and we were clearly both fully charged in 6 drive. 

So as soon as we came in the room, I sit in bed and N went to close the bedroom door, which I was not sure why since nobody was in the flat, later I found out that it was a clever things to do, as we went quite vocal very soon.

Door closed, two men in the room, before I wanted to even start chatting to make us slightly more acquainted with each other, N did not give me any chance. His s6xy lips came to filled my mouth straight away. It was not those intensive one that make you felt uncomfortable straight away, but it is definitely more than gentle that you can still feel the intensity and knew that it gonna get serious. Our mouths and tongues were very soon tangled together, and he soon turned off my vest, which his pupil diluted once he saw the chest I had been training for so long, and he put me down onto the soft bed of his, and he pushed away all the bedding to the floor, leaving a massive queen size bed just two men who were getting to the edge of the cliff and waiting for a thrust to get off it and fall into the deep darkness of pleasure.

N was such a good player, he knew exactly the points and spots to hit to make it tick, from head to feet, I will leave you to imagine the mid part. ;)  He was also very clearly how to use his teeth to spice things up, ask my ears, necks and n@pples, they would strongly agree, or even my little buddy down there.   That was a proper foreplay I had to say, we were sometimes hugging so hard, sometimes rolled each other over to pin the other down, and then he went down on me, and it was, so good, and especially with his hands. Soon we had to reach the decision, normally I would not be under a guy, but the foreplay did the trick, I decided to b@ttom for this guy, the guy who completed had me in his hand.  

He was gentle and considerate to start with, so I was lying on the bed and tried to get used to his big big tool, but suddenly the tone changed and it started to get, how should we put this, proper and speed up. It was getting faster, stronger, and better. But I decided to spice things up, so I stood up and ask both of us to go to the wall, but we didn't even managed to go that far since probably the wall 1 meter away seems 1 km to us when we were both so eager to continue, so we just went to the wardrobe 5 inches away, only had that little patience then already. Then, how should I put it, he was so hard, rough, fast, and focus that me and the wardrobe were both so loud, for at least 5 minutes. Yes the wardrobe was loud, am sure you can understand why.  

It was so good, as I had been waiting for a man who can do it as a man as I expected for so long, rough, hard, like a man, that is what I do, that is what I expected, and finally, it was there, and right at that moment. 

After my intimacy with the wardrobe, we fell to the bed again, this time, same story as usual, expect that this time the bed was very very loud, naughty bed, until finally everything quiet down in just 1 second. 

I can't remember when I read book that there was a description of the 6 between a detective and his lover that it reads ' it was so good that even the neighbour will sit down have a cigarette after it.' I remembered so clearly when I was reading it and imagine when could that happen to me, then now I can't wait to put my head out and check the smoke coming out from neighbour's window. Yes, it was that good, even the afterwards cuddling, spooning and a lot of kissing, even better.

Then, sadly I can't stay for long so we had to say goodbye, of course with our mouth together. 

Happily, the end. Whoever comes from now then will have a mountain to climb. :)

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