Sunday, 12 August 2012

My First Girl

Well, here we are. Feeling like am going to strip myself in front of the Internet now. Thousands people doing it online everyday, never thought I would be one of them someday.

My first wet dream back to high school, was with a girl, and based on my standards then, or conventionally speaking, not a very beautiful one, but it was good, I meant really really good in the dream that I can still remember the smile I woke up with. However when the dream proceeded close to the finishline, I woke up. I  still remembered how pissed I was when woke up at that 'critical moment'.  I always believed that one reason I had that dream with that particular non-beauty girl was mainly due to that although she was slightly out of her figure, she was quite coquettish when she was talking to me, and that clearly did the trick.

Soon after that dream, I had been flirting and messing around with girls as usual, and then had my first time sleeping with a girl. The girl clearly had a crush on me as others around me kept telling me that as well, then one night we engaged in a chatting online, which was just a bit wired because she was in the same school accommodation as I lived in, then we were daring each other whether she would come to my flat (meaning to have sex but we both didn't say that word), then I heard the knock, then next second I know she was sitting right next to me in my dark room.

To be honest, I didn't have a clue how to play the next move then I grabbed a can of beer, drank it, then next thing I knew was that we slept together.

Is this the end and happy story? Well, I wish.  If there were chance that I could do a survey on unsuccessful first night among people, I would definitely take that opportunity to find how many people were as unfortunate as me.

So yes, maybe because of the beer, but I think is more because of the nervous nerve, as I wasn't really physically attracted by that girl, and also wasn't mentally ready to have my first sex that night, or shall we say that minute as she just showed up at my door right out of the door, so yes, all in all, I was unperformed shall we say? Thank god I still know some tricks to please a woman, thanks for all the porn I have been watched along the prior years, so the girl was by and large happy, whoop.

That was close to the end of my college life, hence we hooked up a few times afterwards, and I would say that after the 1st night, we had good sleeping together experiences and I indeed enjoyed it, plus she was even as proactive as me towards this, not much to complain about it really.

Woody Allen said 'Love is the answer, but while you are waiting for the answer, sex raises some pretty good questions', well, I guess truly indeed, as after my first time, the question raised by my sexuality then has never stopped pounding into my life and insert a giant question mark in my life for years.

Well, btw am watching the Olympic closing ceremony now, what the heck are the Indian dancing with Eric Idle, it is just not right watching this while recalling my first sex, change the song and dance please?

Stories continue ...

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