Monday, 13 August 2012

My First Guy - 1

                               Virginity can be lost even by a thought.
                                                                             Saint Jerome

Well here we go again, finished work late tonight, hit the gym, and jumping into the Blog to keep the stripping followed my last post.

Before I jumping straight into my memories, I would like to invite you to listen to this song while reading this blog, it is Eye from Smashing Pumpkin, this song was from my 1st experience with guy, as explained later below.

My first time with a guy was years ago during my university life, where I started to work out both my crush on girls and guys, and it happened when I was visiting Canada, a beautiful country by the way.  I was with quite a few mates and we went on a road trip and I was clearly in a good mood, then we arrived in Montréal, where I decided to stay for a few days while my mates went on their trip elsewhere in Québec, so left me alone in a sexy City, gay capital of Canada maybe?

On my first night alone, I decided to venture the Gay Village in downtown Montréal, I did not have a clue about where to go, so Internet came handy and I logged online to a local forum, and very soon established a contact with 2 guys who were keen to show me around, so we decided to meet and they however made the decision to take me, this newbie, to a gay strip club, which turned out to be, as it advertised itself, as ''Best nude male dancers & male strippers in the world'(will not post the name here just for potential legal implications, they could be painful!), this is where I met one of the sexist stripper E and had my very 1st intimacy with another male on the planet.

After having a stamp on the back of my hand and a few arguments about my age at the reception(as always, yes I do look young and I always take it as a compliment). I still recall vividly the first sight I went into the bar, and a stripper's right in front of me on the stage facing me with his glorious excitement, we found a table quite close to the front and settled down with 3 beers, billed by me (Oh, sorry I happen to have a good memory as well). I was asked by guys who took me there how I felt about these strippers on stage, and I honestly told them that I was not excited or turned on as I thought I would be. That was 100% honest, somehow having gorgeous men stripping right in front of me, with every bits of it filled with sexiness and masculinity, but my male hormone was on strike.

The first stripper caught my attention was J, who had this amazing athletic body, around 177cm, and well-groomed face, and most importantly the gleam of absolute sexy that unique to a male from his eyes, and he stripped and moved his body right to the sexy rhythm played in the bar, hot and authentic. This is the time the guys told me that you pay a small amount of money and take strippers to backstage to have a 'private dance', I was pondering with an uncertain decision, as you can imagine why, however, the next thing I knew was that J somehow came to sit at the chair right next to me.

Later I knew that strippers would target customers in the bar to sit with them, chat and try to offer private dance, but I had no idea then. So we had a bit chat on where I was from, etc, and my 'English Accent' (I would say I have mixture accent from both my mother tongue and British accent'), and then he moved on asking me if I would like a private dance with him, as he said he like my body, my shirt (I trusted him on that because I was wearing my favourite shirt!) and he liked to have private dance with young lads (this is quite self-explained). I was hesitated, my nerves were on edge a bit, but not surprisingly I said yes.  So he took me into the backstage, where it was also dark, and took me into a cubicle, drawn the curtains, and started to move his hot body against mine and dance to the music while stripping himself. I was of course in mixture of emotions, nervousness, excitement, etc, and when he was stripped off to his brief, he took my hand to put on it, and took it off, then for the first time, my hands landed on a man's thing, it was a bit flaccid, but big, around 6''inch I would say, and then he rubbed his 6 pack against my body so hard that I found a bit hard to breathe, partly from the excitement though. For the next 1 minute I felt like in a fantasy dream of my own.

After the happy private dance, I asked J whether he wants to go back to my Hotel with me, and I told him that I was NOT looking for sex just some light fun like this, but unfortunately he said he has a boyfriend and also the bar policy would not allow them to go visit clients to avoid any troubles.

So this is my first brief time with a guy, however, the real first guy I had my experience was with E, the stripper came to me after this private dance with J, which I would have to leave to next time I write my blog as it is 1:00am and I have another busy day that needs my stamina and clear head to build my spreadsheets for work.

Good night for now London.

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